Possession Of A Fake ID

Possession Of A Fake ID

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While it may seem like a victimless crime, using a fake ID can result in a third-degree felony. As most people who use a fake ID are young, this can be an incredibly damaging repercussion that can negatively impact their schooling and futures. Fighting these charges alone can result in missteps or missing valuable strategies that might help lessen the severity.

The potential for long-term consequences makes it imperative to use the services of experienced criminal attorneys. Stout Defense, P.A. works with our clients to rigorously pursue the best outcome possible.

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What Is A Fake ID?

A fraudulent ID can refer to a driver’s license card, state identification card, or any other type of identification card. Fake IDs are often obtained by high school or college students to buy alcohol or gain entry to nightclubs that have age restrictions. However, the defendant’s age does not necessarily have an impact on the severity of the punishment. Florida Statute Section 322.212 prohibits possessing, making, or selling a false identification card.

IDs may be considered fake when used or obtained in the following ways:

  • Theft. Stealing someone’s ID card or the information and trying to use it as your own. Doing so can qualify as identity theft.
  • Illegitimate. Even if you have someone’s permission to use their ID card, you still cannot pose as them or use their information as your own.
  • Falsified. Methods can include printing your picture on an ID with incorrect information or using a copy of your identification card with information that has been altered.
  • Counterfeited. Using or obtaining a card with a fake ID maker.

Consequences Of Using A Fake ID

How a fake ID is obtained and used will affect how the crime is punished. While each case is unique, a case where you used a friend’s fake ID to gain entry to a bar is typically considered a misdemeanor. The friend who loaned you the card will also be punished. If you altered the date of your birth year on your own identification card, you could be charged with a second-degree misdemeanor, which carries a punishment of a $500 fine and up to 60 days in jail or six months probation. However, possession of a fake ID is often charged as a felony, which depending on the degree, can be punishable by up to five years in prison, five years of probation, and/or a $5,000 fine. If you produced, sold, or created false identification, there may be additional charges.

In addition to legal ramifications, many students are not aware that being caught with fake identification may also lead to disciplinary actions from their college, which may include:

  • College disciplinary hearing
  • Academic probation
  • Exclusion from campus events
  • Removal from university housing
  • Removal from athletic teams
  • Made ineligible for study abroad opportunities
  • Expulsion

Depending on how the card was used and by whom, being caught with a fake ID can also lead to additional juvenile offenses

Gainesville Fake ID Attorney

A fake ID charge is no joke. Not only can it have a severe legal and academic impact, but the financial burden of paying fines can be huge. This is especially true if it’s not your first offense. Having an experienced criminal defense attorney to help you navigate the procedure and fight for your rights can be invaluable. Stout Defense, P.A. can explore various defenses and negotiate on your behalf to achieve the best possible outcome. When it comes to fake ID charges, you don’t need to face them alone.