Looking For Love? How Not To Get Slapped For Harassment

Looking For Love? How Not To Get Slapped For Harassment

Posted on Feb 19th 2019

Valentine’s Day may be over, but the pursuit of love is a year-round activity. If you’re in the market for a date, you know how tough it can be to guess if it’s okay to make the next move. You don’t want your well-intended gesture of love to be greeted with a punch in the nose — or worse, a charge of sexual harassment or assault.

Fear not — here are some easy tips for knowing when to move — and when to stop.

First, when wooing that special someone, always make sure you always have their explicit consent for whatever you plan to do. And by “explicit,” we mean just that:

  • Your partner must give their consent EVERY TIME — the fact you’ve done something before doesn’t mean you have automatic permission to do it anytime you like.
  • Being in a relationship does NOT mean automatic consent — your partner is not a sex toy, so don’t treat them like one.
  • Consent for one act doesn’t mean automatic consent for everything. If you decide to try something new and wild and your partner just isn’t feeling it, STOP.
  • When in doubt, ASK.

Second, be careful of how you behave in the workplace. Even with all your clothes on, you can still be perceived as a sexual threat — and that can be a career killer. But a few common sense tips can keep you happily employed and out of trouble:

  • Respect everyone’s personal space: Everyone has a different comfort level for physical contact. Some of your coworkers may welcome a friendly shoulder rub or side hug. But others may find it threatening or off-putting. And others may feel uncomfortable if you even stand close to the in meetings or on elevators. So be aware of your coworkers’ body language. If they start to stiffen or look uncomfortable, step back. When in doubt about approaching someone’s personal space, it’s best to err on the side of caution.
  • Treat everyone the same: When you go to work, treat all your coworkers — from the youngest and hottest to the oldest and most wrinkled — with respect. Focus on their professional knowledge and strengths in your interactions with them — after all, that’s what you’re being paid to do.

By keeping these tips in mind, you’ll always stay in the good graces of eligible ladies or gentlemen in your life. But if a romantic misunderstanding lands you in hot water with the law, call criminal defense attorney Adam Stout. With experience as both a successful prosecutor and defense attorney, Adam has the knowledge to give you the strongest possible defense.